Aegli Hotel in Google Map:

  • Distance from the airport: 1,5 km
  • Distance from the port: 100m
  • Duration of the flight from Athens Airport: 25'
  • Duration of the tip by ship from Piraeus Port: 4h with standard ship 2h & 15' with high speed ferry

Access on foot:

podia As soon as you get off the boat you start walking right, having the sea on the right hand. As you keep walking in front of the shops-on the foot path-you will meet “Eurobank”, on your left hand. You pass the bank and after 30 meters you will be in front of a small road called "Keas". You turn there left, walk down that street and opposite to it you will see a smaller road with the sign of our hotel and some steps. At the end of these steps you will meet our hotel.

With vehicle:


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